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The 9 Most Hilarious Football Memes

The Difference Between Messi, Ronaldo and Arshavin

One has the World Player of the Year trophy, one has a bottle of shampoo, and the other has a bag of crisps. But who is the happiest? It’s undoubtedly that cheeky scamp Andrei Arshavin, even though he doesn’t even like Cheese and Onion flavor.


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Dora the Dutch Explorer

Historically, Dutch explorers have been pretty good at traversing the globe, but Robin van Persie needs a little help from Dora to help locate to locate a small sphere of leather here.


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Luis Suarez Gets Some Biting Commentary

When Luis Suarez sunk his teeth into Branislav Ivanovic—the second time in his career that the Uruguayan had committed such an act—the intertubes went crazy producing memes. Here’s one of the best of them.


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Mario Balotelli’s Celebration

Mario Balotelli’s brace against Germany helped Italy reach the final of Euro 2012. When he scored his second goal, the Milan star removed his shirt and flexed his muscles. The pose has been doctored endlessly ever since.


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In September, the handsome devils at KICK TV put a call out for fans to replicate a nonchalant Thierry Henry celebration. Instead, a meme took off with folks Photoshopping the surly Frenchman into various comical situations. Here’s Le Hand of Frog denying the Hand of God.


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Mesut Ozil’s Fabulous Shopping Spree

Mesut Ozil’s enthusiasm for a Cristiano Ronaldo goal was captured and preserved for the ages by the meme community in hilarious fashion.


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Neymar’s Street Fighter Dive

Neymar showed better diving skills than Tom Daley during the 2013 Confederations Cup tournament. His biggest flop came in Brazil’s 2-1 victory over Uruguay, when defender Walter Gargano apparently threw him in the air as if he was as light as a feather. This clumsy deception was soon turned into a series of .gifs featuring several characters from the Street Fighter video games.


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Willy Wonka’s Wonder

Inevitably, one of the most popular online memes—Willy Wonka’s expression of wonderment—has been transposed to the beautiful game. Here, the owner of the world’s most dangerous chocolate factory battles the Neymar haters with sarcasm.


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Barcelona Make Some Official Requests

Rather than get fouled or perform a dive, Xavi and Sergio Busquets attempt a more direct approach to earning a penalty here. Well, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


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